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 During a musky charter, I will share my knowledge and expertise on musky behavior, habitat, and fishing tactics. From casting to trolling, you'll have the opportunity to try different methods and learn which techniques work best in different situations and conditions. Whether you're a novice angler or a seasoned pro, a musky charter can provide valuable insights and hands-on experience that will enhance your fishing skills and increase your chances of landing that elusive trophy musky. So, if you're looking for a memorable adventure and the chance to improve your musky fishing abilities, consider booking a fun and memorable musky charter today.

*Rods/Tackle/Bait/Gas is all included for each trip*

*Guests are encouraged to bring*



Appropriate Clothing for Weather

Polarized Sunglasses


Full Day
$650 (1-3 PEOPLE)


Half Day
$450 (1-3 PEOPLE)


Multi Day
2 DAY $1200
3 DAY $1750

Full days consist of 9 hours on the water.  Casting and Trolling will be utilized throughout the day.  Full days provide you with the best chance to land multiple muskies. Time on the water puts muskies in the boat period. Trip start times are flexible and will be chosen by your captain unless otherwise requested. 

Half days consist of 5 hours on the water. Casting and trolling will be utilized.  With limited time on the water compared to full days, fewer fishing spots will be targeted, however fast and furious half days have still produced some of the biggest fish in the boat.

Booking multiple days will allow for a couple bodies of water to be fished, and ultimately give you the best chances to land a trophy musky.  Please call /text or email for multi day deals.

**Valid Fishing Lisence Required Between Ages 16-65 for all trips**
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